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Elizabeth and I immediately clicked. From our first phone call to chat about her booking a boudoir session as a gift for her anniversary, to the moment we met the morning she arrived at the studio. We spent the entire 3.5 hours laughing, joking, and story telling. She instantly became a friend. It's boudoir sessions like these that really make me so incredibly thankful to have found this career. I have met so many amazing women through running this boudoir studio!


Here are her words:

"Empowering. Affirming. Energizing. Best. Experience. Ever. 

Seriously, what more can I say about my Boudie Babe experience with Elizabeth? 

I booked my boudie session on a referral and a whim, thinking it would make a fun gift for my husband's 35th birthday and our 5-year wedding anniversary this year. (They say wood is the traditional 5-year gift, sooo...I thought, why not?) Then, you must know, I almost cancelled my shoot about a dozen times because of self-doubt, insecurity, and frustration. I kept seeing these amazing shots coming through on Elizabeth's private facebook page, and I thought, there's no way I can do THAT. As all women do, I have insecurities about my body - my tummy at this angle, my thighs from that angle, and god forbid you take a picture of my arms... I started picking myself apart before the session. I also had a hard time finding the right lingerie - I'm a bra and hipster panties girl and don't "do" lingerie often. I had a hard time finding flattering styles or things that I didn't feel ridiculous wearing (the internet goes from demure every-day garments to porn star REAL quick!) It was overwhelming and I had no idea where to start! 

My session day arrived - I had gathered just enough garments to bring with me for a few outfit changes, and I was incredibly nervous. The moment I met Elizabeth, she welcomed me with a relaxed "hey girl! You are gorgeous!" and immediately set my mind at ease. I made the decision right then to relax, to enjoy, and to have some champagne, because hello, why not? 

We looked at all the fun outfits I brought, and I could immediately see Elizabeth's wheels turning, planning each shot in her mind. Carly was my makeup artist, and let me tell you, she is literally one of the best. I've had my makeup done many times for special events and weddings, and I don't think I've seen a better smokey eye or more flawless skin since my own wedding day! Elizabeth did my "mermaid curls" and we had a great time chatting and laughing while they made me feel beautiful! 

The photo shoot was incredible. Elizabeth took me through each pose, gave me breathing techniques, and showed me exactly how to place my hands and move my head for each shot. Let me tell you - Elizabeth can take one look at you and know exactly what will make you feel comfortable. She'll take you just to the brink of your comfort zone, and then it's up to you to decide to go beyond it. I never imagined allowing someone to take a focused shot of my booty or the back of my thighs in my LIFE but I quickly realized Elizabeth knew exactly how to make me look amazing. We laughed so much! 

After my shoot, Elizabeth spent a short time doing some quick edits and picking a range of her favorite photos. Ladies - be prepared to spend a pretty penny on this experience. I had originally thought, "oh, maybe I'll like a few photos and I can buy a couple of prints."  We sat down to look at my photos and I thought my head would explode - that was me? I look like THAT? I LOOK SO AMAZING! I literally giggled with delight, and promptly decided to purchase a leather-bound photo album. There were so many beautiful photos, and I couldn't imagine my husband not getting to see them all! Let me tell you - it is SO worth the money. 

Elizabeth then spent a few weeks editing my photos, and sent me proofs. I was able to make a few editing suggestions, and then she let me help arrange the photos for the book. A few weeks after finalizing, I picked up my book! I could not be more ecstatic! My husband absolutely adores the book, and we are keeping it on our nightstand. With the lay-flat matte print pages and the yummy, soft black leather, it is the only little black book my husband will ever need. Until of course, I do another shoot, because I am coming back for this experience again!

Ladies, no matter your situation - married, engaged, single, mother, divorced - you should make this experience number one on your bucket list. I felt so beautiful, excited, encouraged, and body-positive after my photo shoot, and those insecurities I mentioned simply melted away. I'll say it again. Empowering. Affirming. Energizing. Best. Experience. Ever. 

Love you! 

-Elizabeth K"


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