Should I wait until I lose this extra weight?

Nooooope! Well, ultimately that's up to you. I usually book a few months out so a boudoir session is actually a great motivator to reach fitness goals! However, your weight does not qualify or disqualify you for a session. You should be celebrated at ANY size. When we put on some weight we tend to be really hard on ourselves and sometimes our self esteem can dip. A full photoshoot with a professional makeover can be really amazing during these times. Sometimes you need to hear how amazing you are from other people. 

What should I bring?

So, this is different for everyone for the most part. Other than everyone needing to bring in a nude and/or black thong if they want to access my studio wardrobe, you'll bring in the outfits we've discussed and that's about it! In our pre-session phone consultation we'll go over your outfits more in depth. We try not to use too many props in our photos so I'd advise keeping props to a minimum, maybe only bringing one or two things. Props that I do like: instruments, books, mugs.

Can I bring a friend?

I know it seems like this would help calm your nervous, and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I do allow up to ONE guest at your session with a few rules/acceptions.

  • No partners unless you're doing a couple's session

  • You MUST let me know at least 24 hours in advance

  • No more than 1 guest

  • No negative nancy's

  • Guest must stay in hair and makeup room during session

Can I bring my partner to the image reveal appointment?

Same-ish rules for this one, as well.

  • You MUST let me know at least 24 hours in advance

  • No children at reveals (if possible)

  • No negative nancy's

  • He/She MUST be informed of pricing in advance

I’m so awkward, are you sure I can look sexy?

Hell yes! I cannot tell you how often I hear this! We are all a little awkward. Embrace it! I seriously just boss you around the entire time so you don't really have any opportunities to look awkward and if you do, it usually just results in a laughing fit and sometimes those are our favorite images!

What if I’m on a budget?

You're in luck! I offer payment plans a few different ways, including a new pre-payment plan! Shoot me an email and I can send you more information on our new, improved process!

So exciting! Can I book for next weekend?!

Sorry, babe! Weekend dates are all booked up 6 months in advance. Every now and then you’ll find a spot that isn’t too far away but this is rare! This is not something you can wait until the last minute to do. Gotta plan! Week day sessions are generally booked a few months in advance. Don't wait!