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Nadine walked into the studio and my makeup artist, Maggie, and I took one look at each other and knew she'd totally kill her boudoir session. And man, were we right!

Her energy was infectious and she was down to be creative. Hell, she brought in a masquerade mask! I really enjoyed having Nadine in the studio for her boudoir session and making her an ERP Boudie Babe.

Below is her testimony about her experience at the Elizabeth Roses Photography studio.

"So much of life is risk. So why not do what we truly desire? Ultimately, it was time for me to take a risk and get pictures of the real me before more time passed. It was as vividly apparent as that the new batch of gray hairs that I keep finding on my head, that I'm living. It's scary baring it all for the camera. Elizabeth and her team not only made me gorgeous, I was able to emotionally connect with some amazing ladies. I had forgotten how little time I give myself permission to be beautiful and to take seek my own joy. 

    The camera does not lie. I'm far from perfect in my body; and yet, the expert behind the camera took charge and helped me let go and just be ME in a quiet moment. There was an easy flow throughout the photo-shoot. I enjoyed that Elizabeth took her time with me and did not rush the creative process (as I've witnessed my friends go through sometimes at other studios.)  

    The final pictures: I wanted them all! Yet, there was absolutely zero sales pressure to buy any of them. It was really tough to choose a favorite because they were all so gorgeous and artfully done. I could not believe it was me in the photos! She made me look strong, desirable and incredible. This is an invaluable experience, yet raw and extremely intimate. I didn't want a large, busy multi-studio with lots of people in the viewing area, like I had witnessed elsewhere. I wanted to be handled professionally, with personalized care, because these pictures are very personal to me. As a wife and mother of two small children, it's important to me the discretion and safety Elizabeth Rose provides. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family! Her pictures are proof of life-they'll always remind me of being beautiful."

Elizabeth is a boudoir photographer specializing in normal, everyday, extraordinary women. She has a photography studio in Alpharetta, convenient to Atlanta, Buckhead, Milton, Woodstock, Marietta, John's Creek, and other surrounding cities. She's committed to women's empowerment and showing every client her unique beauty and undeniable worth. Contact her today to get more information on booking your boudoir session with her.