Anniversary gift ideas / Boudoir photography session in Atlanta

Laura came to my boudoir studio to give her husband the "wood" gift for their 5 year anniversary. Get it?! WOOD GIFT?? I laughed for a loooong time about that one! She just picked up her album this week to hide it home until their special day! Laura totally rocked her boudoir session with me. She's a new mom and really wanted to feel pampered and beautiful and left feeling just that way. 

Here are her words:

"I had the idea for a boudoir session initially as an anniversary gift for my husband, who travels a lot for work. I saw an ad for ERP on my NextDoor app and decided to give her a shot. The first time we spoke on the phone, Lizzie was very reassuring and thorough on the process, telling me what to bring and what to expect. She also was very up front on pricing, which I thought was very important. 

I wasn't sure how I'd feel doing the session. I'm not a typically modest person, but I'd never done this before and wasn't sure what my post-baby body would look like on camera. Lizzie helped me pick my outfits and made me feel comfortable.... even beautiful!... in front of the lens. When I saw the raw images, I wasn't particularly impressed, but with some brief adjustment of the lighting I began to see some really nice pictures where I thought I looked hot! I can't wait to see the final album, and watch my husband's face when he sees it for the first time!"

Once she saw the final album edits she said they looked HOT! I'd have to agree with her. ;)


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