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Name: Kelly 

What was your #1 motivator in having a session with me?: It was my turn to smash some fucking windows.

I don't want to steal her words (full post here ) but I want to share a few highlights because she says what I can't put into words so perfectly:

"Frosted Window Syndrome, this disease of dis-ease that thrives on Comparisons and Never-Enoughs and Gotta-Haves and the Pursuit of Perfection and the Quest to “Have It All.”

"I let fear and doubt and what others might think hold me back."

"Some of us, I think, are a bit more susceptible to Frosted Window Syndrome than others. Maybe it’s because of our harsh inner critic. Or maybe it’s because we’re scared or because our skin is a little thinner than others. Maybe it’s because we have an overflowing heart or because we just have a harder time separating ourselves from the cruelty and beauty of the world. Whatever the reason, it’s there and it’s real and it pretty much sucks."

"I can’t tell you how many times I have minimized my worth as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister, characterizing my role in these relationships as perfunctory or inconsequential or unimportant; how many times I have pretended to be something or someone who I am not for the sole purpose of making someone “like” me.”

"I know too many moms who feel guilty because they don’t work outside of the home, and too many moms who feel guilty because they do. I know too many women who feel unattractive because their bodies are different now — looser, softer, more tender. I know too many moms who feel unappreciated and unworthy because they spend the majority of their day wiping noses and bottoms, making meals and cleaning up after meals, doing laundry, and shuffling a minivan full of kids to after-school activities."

"I have spent too much time and energy making myself feel inadequate and somehow lacking, and I know too many people who are great people, who are well-loved people, who also feel inadequate and somehow lacking. And it makes me sad and angry and frustrated... and absolutely determined to find a way to stop the madness."

***********And then I met Liz and was blessed to experience the magic behind the lens......

"And you realize that things look pretty darnn good. Sure, the world might still be crazy and cruel and disappointing and completely unpredictable, but it is also breathtakingly beautiful and amazing and hopeful and resilient. And sure, things might still be a little different-than-what-you-might-want and a little harder-than-you-ever-thought-they-would-be, but they are still pretty good."

Pretty. Freaking. Good.

So this is the year that I am smashing a few windows. Because I have spent way too much time and way too much energy worrying about things that just do not matter. And — for my sake, for your sake, for the sake of all of us — it has to stop. This year, this day, this moment. Now."

Seriously, if you even have the smallest desire to do this, book with Liz. Smash your own windows. If's AMAZING.

Were you referred to me by someone?: I wasn't but you better believe I'm referring everyone I can.

Would you recommend having a boudoir session to your friends?: It's all I have talked about since. The excitement, empowerment, freedom, confidence etc. that I left with that day is overflowing. I want everyone to have this experience.

What did you order? Were you happy with the quality of the products?: I ordered the album, the viewfinder (so fun!) and the digital files. I haven't received them yet but I have no doubt I will LOVE them.

How often do you look at your images?: Daily

In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?: Life changing. Extraordinary.

Would you ever have another session with me?: This isn't of a question of will I. It's when. I can't wait to do this again.

If you'd like to have your session featured on my blog, please write a detailed paragraph or two on your thoughts about your experience and how it has impacted you.: I'll spare the repeat of Q1 but all of that belongs here too. Liz the impact you made in my self-confidence, self-worth, self- view goes well beyond the few quick (it was soo much fun and was over too fast!) hours I got to spend in your studio. From the moment I walked in, it felt like we were childhood friends who hadn't seen each other in years but were able to pick up exactly where we left off. You relate with your clients so easily and effortlessly that all doubts, anxiety, and fear of this exciting session go right out the window.  

I hope you truly understand the value that is YOU. Not just the work you do behind the lens (that's fucking magic too of course). Having someone build you up when you've felt so broken or so "disguised" for so long is a gift well beyond the products we purchase. I can only hope that all of your clients feel the instant friendship and security you create. Seriously, you're magic.  

Thank you so much Liz!