Boudoir Maternity Photography Studio in Atlanta/Roswell, Women's Boudoir Photoshoot, Empowering Women's Photography Session

Diana's Post Session Interview:

"In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?: It was wonderful! You made me feel like a goddess mama!

Would you ever have another session with me?: Yes definitely! I would love to do a session with my husband as I'm loving the couple's photos you did recently!

One thing I wish I could have done was have a little more time to decide which prints to order. I loved the ones I picked, but I think I might have skipped out on some other amazing ones because I had to decide right then what I liked."

[I've since changed up the ordering process to allow more time to choose your photos so you can be sure you're leaving with exactly what you want!]

"If you'd like to have your session featured on my blog, please write a detailed paragraph or two on your thoughts about your experience and how it has impacted you.: Being pregnant can be such a burden. Your body is taken over by your child and you just feel crappy most of the time. This photo shoot helped me appreciate my body so much and I am so happy I took the dive and tried out maternity boudoir. Elizabeth made my experience so easy and empowering ! I would do it again any day!"


If you are interested in booking a boudoir session at our boudoir photography studio in Roswell, please contact us for a consultation!