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Ok, so Rebekah has been one of my most favorite Boudie Babes yet! Her sense of humor had my makeup artist and I cracking up in the studio. We instantly connected and had a freakin' blast during her boudoir session.

I also loved all of the outfits she brought in. She took my advice and brought a nice variety of looks to play around with. She also had pops of color which I adore in boudoir photography! I mean, just look at that red piece! Gah!

She said that her husband absolutely loved these photos of her! Those two lovebirds will have these beautiful photos to enjoy together for decades.

I love when boudoir sessions help a woman feel beautiful, sexy, and adored. But I love it even more when she can feel like all of those things and still feel like herself. It's important to me that my Boudie Babes don't feel like I'm changing them for their session. I want them to have fun during their boudoir session. I want them to feel open and free to be a damn goddess. I want them to laugh and blush when I tell them how much they are killllllling it. I want them to leave with their chin held high and their confidence beaming. And then I want them to love it so much that they tell all of their friends that they absolutely MUST do this for themselves. If you tell your friends about it, you know it's legit.

Thanks so much, Rebekah, for being a badass babe. 

If you're interested in becoming an ERP Boudie Babe like Rebekah, contact me to get your session in the works. <3