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This studio boudoir session was definitely one for the books. Or...the blog.

Brittany totally killed it during her boudoir session. I mean, she's obviously beautiful and has an amazing body but she was also down to listen to all of my crazy directions and get into some not-so-comfortable positions. Successful boudoir sessions have less to do with body type and more to do with how willing you are to trust me and follow my bossy ass. Trust me, you'll want me to boss you around! I'll make sure you look so super sexy in your boudoir portraits! 

I swear I'm nice.

She brought in her louis vuittons so OF COURSE I had her wear them with the leopard print coverup she brought along.

She also had a few options for bras like the pretty white lacey one and the pink one for a beautiful pop of color on the white sheets. Lingerie with pops of color look amazing on the studio bed. Just sayin'.

I love having clients browse my studio wardrobe but it's so fun when they bring in something special to them. The main goal of boudoir photography is to make a woman feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. What make you feel beautiful? Heels? A good pair of jeans? Nothing at all?

Any who, I love my job. I love making women feel like they can take on the world while looking good af doing it.

Let's chat about a boudoir session for you! My studio is in Roswell so it's pretty convenient to most highways. Except 85. DO NOT TAKE 85, IT'S NOT THERE.