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Having Danielle in the studio for her boudoir session was such a blast! We had so much fun chatting while she was getting her hair and makeup all done up in the studio. We both have two small children so there was plenty to talk about.

After she had her hair and makeup reveal, we hopped right into the session with her first outfit. She was game for anything I had in mind so we definitely played around and had a great time! She looked absolutely amazing. She started out in a tank with a sports mascot on it as a gift for her husband. (woo, sports!) Husbands always love the sports jerseys, boy shorts, button down shirts, and, well...the nudes. Duh.

I also got her in one of the body suits I had in the studio and it fit her to a T. So sexy. She seemed totally comfortable and confident during her boudoir session and her photos prove it. 


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