Boudoir Session Questionnaire

Below is a brief questionnaire to help me get to know you a little better and design your ideal boudoir session. Please be as detailed as possible in your answers!

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
What kind of makeup look would you like for your session? *
Check all that apply. Please note that this is just to get an idea of your preference. We will consult with the makeup artist at your session to go over what will work for you based on outfits and other factors.
Are there any specific sets in the studio you're interested in? *
Check all that apply. Please note that milk bath/filled bath sessions and glitter sessions require pre-planning and must be discussed beforehand.
If you are applying for the boudie call, please list which theme you're interested in.
These would be posted in the private FB group, Instagram, and/or my website.