Atlanta Family Photography/ Children's Photography North Georgia/ Ibuki Fall Mini Session

The Ibuki family met me at Warbington Farms early Sunday morning for their pumpkin patch mini session. It was warm and the sun was shining. A beautiful day for family portraits! It wasn't exactly "fall" weather but I will not complain about a nice sunny day for outdoor family portraits!

Little man wanted to be held during the session and that's ok! That's what's so great about being a lifestyle photographer. I go with the flow and document more than pose. 

The kids had so much fun in the "corn crib" as you can clearly see in the photos. What a neat little addition to a pumpkin patch! I did have a shoe full of corn kernels but I'll just call those souvenirs. 

I love family and children photography because it's so much fun to get down to a child's level and be as silly and goofy as you want. They don't judge you! It's so great! I realize I pretty much speak in a super high pitched voice the entire time. That must be very annoying to the parents. HAH! Anything to get that smile, though...