Pregnancy Announcement at the Roswell Mill in Roswell Georgia / Sibling Child Photography / Emmie + Peter Baby Announcement Photo Session

When I found out Emmie and Peter were expecting their third baby I was shocked! I instantly started crying and laughing, unsure of how to properly respond. I was a mess. Like it was ME who was expecting. Hah!

Emmie is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She is caring, genuine, selfless, and patient. She just went through her doula training to become a certified doula. I can't even tell you how perfect she is for this! Her calming nature and gentle ways are exactly what you'd want while in labor, trust me. If you're interested in her work as a doula, I've linked her site, Indigo Birth Services.

The girls really wanted to be involved in this big announcement so I wanted to come up with some ideas to focus on them and how excited they are for their new sibling. Child photography is such a blast for me! Children are so much fun to photograph because I get to be silly and get down on their level. I can joke about boogers and booties, which is exactly what I did with these girls. They are insanely adorable so I knew this pregnancy announcement photoshoot would be too cute to stand.

We met at the Roswell Mill, an Atlanta area photographer's favorite! I may have been over reacting but I think I felt the first chill in the air that morning! It only last for 2 minutes before we were melting...but I felt it! Yay, fall!

And of course, there was glitter at the shoot. DUH.