Katie + Ryan's Southern Charm Campground Wedding / North Carolina Wedding Photographer / Southeast Wedding Photography

Katie and Ryan were married at a super cool campground earlier this year. There was a big chance of rain during the ceremony but the couple held out hope and went for what their hearts were set on. I'm so glad they did! The rain completely missed them, aside from a few minutes of drizzle during the bridal party portraits. It can be a risk planning your wedding ceremony outdoors but it can really off.  Even if it does rain, a little additional planning can ensure the day goes smoothly!

One of my favorite parts of being a lifestyle wedding photographer is being there when the bride is getting ready. It's so fun watching all the ladies hanging out, giggling, drinking champagne, and talking about the excited nerves they're feeling. Everyone is running around, re-doing their running mascara, and handing out tissues. I'm a sucker for a sweet moment and a long embrace. One of my favorite moments to photograph before the wedding is the father and mother of the bride seeing their little girl in her wedding dress for the first time. A moment a parent is never truly prepared for.

I even got all sappy during the reception speeches given by the best man and maid of honor. It was obvious that these guys spent a long time writing these words from the heart. It's so wonderful to be able to be surrounded by so much love.

Katie and Ryan's wedding reception was a blast and I can guarantee their guests had sore feet the next day. People of all ages were GETTIN' DOWN.

Their wedding was one southern wedding dreams are made of. Simple, personal, focused on the happy couple and their loved ones.