Atlanta Food Photography / North Georgia Restaurant Photographer

One of the things I love most about summer is the variety of whole foods that are in season. Atlanta has a great farmer's market scene and there are so many local produce shops and side of the road fruit and vegetable stands to choose from! 

I love to "shop the rainbow", as in, buy colorful fruits and vegetables. It's a fun and easy wayto make sure you are getting a wide variety of nutrients in your diet. It's also a sneaky way to teach your children about nutrition and healthy eating. As a homeschool mom, I'm always looking for ways to make every day things and tasks educational. 

Take a look at the gorgeous, deep colors in these fresh veggies! Food photography has quickly become a favorite of mine because I am such a foodie! I like to think of myself as a mom-induced chef, albiet an ametuer one. I've developed a love for food shows and chef documentaries. I'm always playing with recipes and making huge messes in the kitchen.

I'm always on the lookout for local restaurants and shops to team up with for food photography!