Aiden's Newborn Photo Session in Atlanta Ga / Newborn Baby Lifestyle Photoshoot / Children's Photographer in North Georgia

This past Saturday I had the privilege of not only getting to meet and love on my new nephew/cousin, I also got to take his newborn photos!

I've never done a newborn session before so I was a bit nervous. I knew it would be a challenge in a totally different way that wedding photography is a challenge. Babies get fussy, they poop, they get hungry, they fight sleeping. I had prepared myself for all of this juuuust in case. But Aiden was a DREAM! He basically slept the whole time and even gave me a few smiles.

Now that I've tested the waters of newborn photography I'm totally hooked. I cannot wait until my next session! They are so fun to bend and squish and pose. I was holding back at first, unsure of how fragile he'd be. It's funny how your mind forgets these things!  I feel like a have a good grasp on the limits and boundaries for baby photography. I've only been practicing for 5 years now...

I feel my style is really starting to show through in my sessions now. I like to have a mix of lifestyle and fine art. I like to give direction when I feel inspired or want to try a pose. I also love hanging back and documenting the real moments.

I want to share a few of my favorites from his newborn session at my home "studio" in North Georgia. Really my studio is a bunch of DIY backdrops and floor boards. Secret's out. Hah!