Candy Photography

This week I had another change of pace photography wise. I've been very interested in product photography and food photography lately. I suppose a lot of us take tons of photos of our food everyday and have for ages. It's fun, isn't it? Food is beautiful! It's art! If you've ever slaved in the kitchen for hours on end to create something delicious you KNOW it feels like you've given birth to a masterpiece. 

I am such a foodie. Food gives you a special kind of insight into people's lives. Food is so ingrained in culture that it's quite often the first thing you think of when you think of different regions of the world.

To take photos of food for a living would be a dream, wouldn't it?

I'm more than happy being a wedding photographer in the good ol' ATL but it's nice to throw in some yummies now in then. Gotta spice things up. ;)