Liam's First Birthday Celebration

This family was absolutely adorable. They had a traditional Korean first birthday party called a Doljanchi for their little guy, Liam. Liam and his sister, Mila, wore elaborate and colorful Korean clothing called hanbok. There was symbolism tucked in every corner of this party. From the food stacked high to represent a long and prosperous life to the gold jewelry given to him to symbolize fortune and longevity. 

The highlight of the celebration is a ceremony called Doljabi. The child is urged to pick one of three or four objects in front of them. The item chosen is said to foretell the child's future. The objects differ for each family but are generally the same handful of food and goodies. 

Placed in front of Liam was a bundle of thread to represent longevity, a book to represent a scholar, a pen to represent wisdom, and a $100 bill to represent wealth. As he was deciding which to go for I heard most of his family members yelling for him to choose the money. He went straight for the pen! Smart kid. ;)

The food was DELISH and the people were kind. Thanks for having me, guys!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.