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Photographing the birth of Olivia Jones was one of the highlights of my year. Her parents, Emily & Caleb, are two people you want to spend 10+ hours with. 

Emily had a false alarm a few days before she went into labor with Olivia so we were all waiting for this little ladies arrival. When Emily messaged me the morning she went into labor with Olivia I was ready to run out the door! 

Emily and I walked miles around the labor and delivery floor of Northside Forsyth. You really get to know someone on a personal level when you walk alongside them while they're laboring. Emily is amazing, you guys. There was never any time during the day that I didn't want to be there. Her husband, Caleb, was so caring and diligent in helping her in any way he could. I know labor isn't usually "fun" but I loved the time I spent with Emily, Caleb, and their daughter, Madeline. 

Madeline is one of those kids that is just too cute to be real. Her sweet, little voice was tugging at my heart strings all day. She was so perceptive to how her mommy was feeling and it was the most adorable thing ever. 

Emily labored like a goddess and was so considerate to the people around her, even during active labor. That's not necessarily normal. I know I was not exactly thinking about how my team was feeling while I was in labor... 

Emily is a prime example of how southern hospitality and kindness in general is not dead. It's alive and well when you surround yourself with the right people. 

I am so thankful to Emily and Caleb for allowing me to experience and photograph the birth of their second daughter with them. They are incredible parents and I know, without a doubt, that they will raise strong, kind, glass ceiling shattering women.